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After almost 2 years of extreme pain, weight loss, and no diagnosis, Brendan and his family traveled to the University of Iowa from Altoona.  He was scheduled for a full week of tests and procedures.  After that week, Brenden had to be seen 13 more times in just 2 short months.  He was officially and finally diagnosed with an overactive gall bladder.  When he would eat anything at all, it would cause extreme pain.  Once his weight increased enough (he weighed less at 4 than he did at 2), he had a cholecystectomy (removed gall bladder) and he was instantly better.

From Brenden’s mom Crystal:


If it weren’t for The Little Al Foundation, I honestly don’t know how we would have made it work. We ended up going to and from the children’s hospital frequently for over 2 months before they were able to cure my son fully. I will be forever grateful to Holly and Ryan for their amazing work and true thoughtfulness. They are truly touching many lives in such a profound way. I honestly cannot say enough positive things about The Little Al Foundation, and hope to be able to contribute to their amazing cause when circumstances allow.

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